I’m seeing the 2019 summer trends heading  back to yellow gold. Yeepee I say. If you have a few statement pieces in gold they will last a lifetime & can be dressed up or down, day or night. The initial outlay may be higher than costume jewellery but it will certainly last a long time. […]

Contraceptive Jewellery

Listen up ladies & gentleman – this could be a game changer. Scientists are working on combining birth control & jewellery. The idea is based around the skin patch technology, the patch which contains the contraceptive hormone is placed on the back of the earring therefore allowing women to change the front of the earring […]


It has always been said that diamonds are forever however the Argyle pink diamonds may not be. The supply of economically viable pink diamonds is approaching exhaustion. & the Argyle pink diamond mine is set to close in 2020. Pink diamonds are the rarest in the world & the Australian mine produces more than 90% […]

Are you ok?

I love my job & enjoy dealing with the general public, well most of the time anyway. However I do get to see how some people are really struggling out there. Most of you know I love a chat & thankfully a lot of people are willing to open up & I think it is […]

Desperate woman cuts off $900K ring

Jewellery often has so many great memories attached to them. Especially to us women, our jewellery is sentimental & so we like to wear that piece of jewellery to have that memory close to us. However, this is not always a great idea. I recently saw a headline that read ‘Desperate pregnant woman cuts off […]