Cash Loans


We will quickly assess your items and lend you the cash on the spot. You will require 3 forms of identification, one needs to be government issue with your name, date of birth and NSW address.

We will hold your item on our secure premises for the duration of the loan. The term of the loan is for 3 months with interest being charged for the duration of the loan.

At the end of the loan if you are unable to redeem your items we will just sell your item to cover your debt. So no bad credit marks against your name.


If you need some extra time just come & pay your interest to date & we can extend the period of your loan.

Special Rates On Short Term Loans

If you require a loan for up to 7 days but not exceeding 7 days we will only charge half the nominated monthly interest.

Items You can Borrow Against or Sell

Gold Jewellery, Diamonds, Gaming Consoles, iPad, Tablets, Laptops, Power Tools, BMX & Mountain Bikes.

Selling Outright

You will need to provide identification.