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Our society is always changing and with the introduction of lab-grown diamonds the demand for natural diamonds has dropped dramatically. This means that we, as a secondhand dealer, have to move with the times and therefore we are unwilling to purchase any diamonds under 1 carat. When selling your natural large diamond, you must have all paperwork that comes with your natural diamond. The Good news is that the gold in that ring is probably worth a fair bit. So give us a call and let our experience guide you.

3 easy steps to sell your diamond rings

Step 1. Get In Touch With Us

Give us a call 02 9792 4442 or fill out the online form

Step 2. Evaluation

We will advise a price based on the size & quality of the diamonds & the carat & weight of the gold

Step 3. Collect Your Cash

Come in store to collect your cash. Identification required on sale.

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