Police have bought to our attention that there has been an increase in tool theft. We suggest the following to keep your tools safe: Engrave with license number & name List your tools separately noting model & serial numbers Have a lockable tool box Don’t leave tools lying around the worksite Report stolen tools to […]


  Sydney Home Prices Soar! Our homes are increasing in value which is awesome news for all of us. Making us asset rich but when those bills roll in we may become cash poor. To help you over that shortage Cash Inn Revesby’s expertise & reliability can help.  Short term loans secured against an item […]


A few suggestions for security when out shopping: Car doors should always be locked, Do not leave any valuable items in your car, Park in a well lit area, When unloading items into you car don’t leave your handbag on the front seat of an unlocked car door. r      


PEOPLE ARE BEING RIPPED OFF WHEN BUYING DIAMONDS.  Would you hand over $5000 to buy a car without an inspection. Jewellery is the same! Just because they are a recognised name in the Jewellery industry does not mean they are selling high quality diamonds all the time. TDW means total diamond weight. Small diamonds adding […]

Fake watches – BEWARE!!

I go with the old saying ‘if it is too good to be true then it probably is’. Back in the day when I started as a pawnbroker it was really easy to spot a copy – light, spelling incorrect, dials not working etc. Not today! Some are very good. They even have weights in […]