Your’re Doing My Head In!




All those pawnbroking shows are doing my head in!

Yes I know pawnbroking has a very negative image but honestly they are not a true reflection of what goes on at Cash Inn Revesby. After 19 years we have become a large part of downtown Revesby & so many of our clients are more like family. We do concentrate of more modern items & always gold but really we are more interested in helping our clients get over their cashflow problems. It is not junkies or stolen items that are coming in our door. It is normal people who suddenly have a large unexpected bill. It happens to all of us but the difference is that alot of people don’t want to use their credit card or don’t have a credit card. So many of them own their own home but are on a set income & anything unexpected can really throw a spanner into the works. The loans are designed for a short period & with such a hugh incentive of getting your personal item back the loan really is for a short period. I have been a single mum & I certainly understand how difficult it can be financially. So I really do try to help you through this difficult time, my experience really can make a difference.