Experience with a capital E – 19 years of it

The ┬áTorch Newspaper recently did an article on how payday lenders are making things a little tougher for the traditional pawn broker. I was interviewed for the article & asked how I felt about it. I do feel that the current variety of options have made things a little harder for traditional pawn brokers but here at Cash Inn Revesby our experience makes us stand out. We have been part of the community for nearly 19 years & have become a trusted & reliable lender. Our wonderful customers know that we can be trusted with their personal items & know that we understand that having a shortage of cash can be an emotional time. Our experience allows us to help you solve a problem. The added incentive of having your personal item returned to you makes you more determined to pay your loan off. Unlike an unsecured loan or a credit card – that’s why banks love them, people never pay them off.