The Art of Divorce by Russell Crowe

Well we may not all be Academy Award winners but a lot of us have had to end a marriage. The idea behind Russell Crowe’s cleansing is I think a positive way to move forward. To hold on to the past does not make an easy transition into a positive future. Sure we all need […]


Luxury means different things to different people & luxury assets can certainly hold some of their value or even increase. However there is a trend today to modify that luxury item to make it truly unique & personal to the owner which may lead to an increase in status. Is this trend adding to the […]


When buying jewellery online show caution. A stamp on the gold or a piece of paper do not guarantee anything! Our experience is what makes us different – we have the professional testing equipment to confirm that the jewellery is the real deal. What could be a great deal now may not be down the […]


DON’T BE FOOLED BY MARKETING. Before you buy a diamond ring, know what you are looking for & the quality of the diamond. Shop around, do some homework. Everyone has a budget but at least you will have the knowledge to purchase wisely.


WOW CHRISTMAS AGAIN. I can’t believe it but this Christmas it will be our 20th Christmas in Revesby. So 20% off all Gold jewellery & laybys are welcome. The good thing about Cash Inn there is jewellery for all budgets, so come on in to start that Christmas shopping. We will close for our annual […]