The term ‘pawnshop’ tends to summons up an image of shady people dealing in stolen goods. This is so far from what we do. We are a family business lending against assets. More like a private bank, just like main stream banks we lend on assets however we specialise in small & short term loans […]

A link to your past

Restyling heirlooms with the benefit of a sentimental link to your past & being very cost effective for the now. Restyling your families jewellery is often a great way to go. The end product will reflect the love of now & the past.

The Future of Retail

Yes yes online is here to stay but so are brick & mortar stores. Online is convenient but you won’t get the item until at least the next day maybe more. How often can you call someone if there is a problem with your order or have a question about the item. There are a […]

Change is coming – New age diamonds.

Has social media given rise to the Lab grown diamonds – new age diamonds? Are we ready for a change in the landscape of diamond jewellery? At the moment there is a lot of debate on this subject especially since De Beers are jumping on the band wagon & have bought equipment to make these […]

Millennial men

The tide is turning on men’s jewellery. Social media has driven so many trends & there has been a swell in men’s jewellery. Gone are the tie clips & cufflinks. Men are now wearing multiple necklaces, bracelets & rings. Millennials are embracing individuality which leads to a softening of stereotypes. Leather, steel, wood all look […]