Small Business

Our Vision at CIR is to provide cash solutions to our customers with the highest level of customer service possible. The beauty of dealing with small business is that someone is able to take responsibility & make quick decisions. This is often not the case with big business. I just spent 4 in person appointments […]


•Don’t wear it to the gym – sweat & grime builds up & the weights could dint your rings •Don’t wear high set rings to bed – easy to catch on blankets etc •Always check the claws of your ring. These can easily get caught on items like clothing & if the claw moves away […]

If you can’t beat them join them?

I don’t think that should always be the case. For eg Tiffany is not just about the product but the experience of luxury that Tiffany offers. It now appears that they are offering engagement rings online previously they concentrated on relatively inexpensive products. Yes online sales continue to grow but choosing your engagement ring online? […]

Luxury isn’t just about design.

Luxury products like jewellery demand high prices not only for their exceptional design & craftmanship but how it makes you feel when wearing the piece. The item can convey so much about you, where you are financially, emotionally. It can speak volumes to all that view this exceptional piece of jewellery & cement your status […]

Instant Gratification

Our public image seems to be of people desperate. Why do they sell things? The answer is simple – instant gratification! I want it now! Social Media & impatience is leading to it. Buy now, I need it. Then when the manufacturer releases the upgrade 9 months later, it is old technology & becomes our […]