When I’m out & I mention that I’m a pawnbroker I usually get such a negative reaction. “Oh you are just dealing with junkies & thieves & ripping people off!” Sometimes I get tired of it but mostly I feel that these people are just really ill informed. The people I deal with are real people, living in the real world. They are not hiding behind numerous credit cards or sky high mortgages. They are proud people & people I enjoy serving. 

I decided to google ‘what is the oldest form of lending’ & the answer – 

ANCIENT GREEK & ANCIENT ROMAN. PAWNBROKERS: One of the oldest money lending practices and a form of secured lending with items held as collateral keeping risk down for the lender.

So I’m not sure where such negativity came from but all I do is lend money against items of value & I buy items that are no longer needed. I think in some ways I’m just gumtree before the internet.  So why judge pawnbroking so poorly. Sure there are plenty of pawnbrokers out there doing the wrong thing but I’m pretty sure that the banking royal commission just showed that there are plenty of banks doing the wrong thing too. We can find fault in everything if we look hard enough, but I know that I help alot of people & I’m proud to have been a very reliable service in Revesby for 21 years & have met so many great people & learnt a lot of valuable lessons in life. If you decide to step into our shop & have a chat I will most probably pass on one of those gems. I think my favourite one is ‘everyone has a budget’  – a great piece of advice!


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