50% off – Really?

I just walked through Westfields today & the number of shops with signs up saying ‘up to 50% off for Xmas’ is truly amazing. My question to that is ‘really?’ I just can’t imagine a business staying in business if it really offering 50% sales. I then start to say ‘wow – the starting price must have been high’ as I know running a business myself there is a lot of overheads & I need to be profitable to stay in business. So they still have to be making money to cover expenses to stay in business. I go with the theory that I give the best price I can & don’t offer any gimmicks, as I believe in transparency. The number of people that show me some piece of jewellery & tell me it is worth $5000 & I say well based on an approximate of current retail prices you paid way too much – I then get the real answer ‘well I actually paid $2500 on a 50% sale. The answer to this is that that is the real price. Most of the time it is rarely worth the first price but it is a sale trick that seems to work. I say good luck if you can get a deal but do your homework first.