Women in League Round

This weekend celebrates the contribution that women have made to the NRL & JRL. Originally I think the idea came about as mums were in the background. Running the canteen, washing the jersey’s & driving the boys to training & the game. Thankfully the NRL & junior NRL have moved with the times & now […]


It seems coloured gemstones are making a comeback. Meghan Markle now wears the aquamarine presented to her by Harry, which was previously worn by his mother Princess Diana. Gemstones are very individual & come in a large variety of colour, shapes & sizes. They are timeless adored by the rich & famous. Today they are […]


There are so many misconceptions about working in a pawn shop & today I just want to let you know the quality of the people that are out there. I met a gentleman in the shop yesterday by the name of Matt Renata who is involved in a charity called Borderless Community Services. It started […]


These are the words that are uttered by the rich & the famous worldwide, from the 1800’s until today the Cartier brand is synonymous with sophistication & luxury. Cartier was created in 1847 by Louis Cartier but it wasn’t until his 3 grandsons took over the company, that the brand was established worldwide. Traveling to […]

Omega: First watch on the moon – that says quality!

Omega Watch Co is a brand that bases it’s success on precision timing – so much so that NASA chose it as the time piece for its astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission to land mankind on the moon. The Omega Speedmaster along with other leading brands underwent serious stress testing with the Omega prevailing […]