Support Small Business

AN EXCITING MONTH FOR MANY June 2020 will be an exciting month for many people. We will see a lot of our favourite restaurants back, we can get our nails & beauty treatments done, work out & we can visit our local café again. It has however been a long bleak period for many small […]

Living in Fear

No one makes a good financial decision living in fear. And, right now a lot of people are consumed by fear. They are searching every bit of media, real or not, for all the doom & gloom of what is happening in the world today. This not only makes them worry about getting sick & […]


There has been a lot of concern lately about the coronavirus & I totally understand why. Personally I don’t think the average person understands how far reaching the consequences of this epidemic will be. People are concerned, & rightly so, about catching the virus however the economic effects are going to be severe as well. […]


Action & Money Make the difference The top 1% always have a plan. A great way to start the year is by decluttering – your home, your office. There is so much value laying around you, you will be surprised! Get  rid or the old & make way for the new & exciting plans that […]

50% off – Really?

I just walked through Westfields today & the number of shops with signs up saying ‘up to 50% off for Xmas’ is truly amazing. My question to that is ‘really?’ I just can’t imagine a business staying in business if it really offering 50% sales. I then start to say ‘wow – the starting price […]