Desperate woman cuts off $900K ring

Jewellery often has so many great memories attached to them. Especially to us women, our jewellery is sentimental & so we like to wear that piece of jewellery to have that memory close to us. However, this is not always a great idea. I recently saw a headline that read ‘Desperate pregnant woman cuts off $900K engagement ring when finger turned purple’ It reminded me of my own family where my mum, who had never taken her wedding ring off, needed to have it cut off her finger. You see she had left it way too long to get it off her finger. She knew it was getting too tight but before she knew it the arthritis, which she suffered from, became apparent in her finger joints & she was no longer able to remove her ring. Then, just like the rest of us, she became busy & never quite got around to getting it removed professionally. Until she noticed the redness & swelling in her finger & it was time to quickly get to our local jeweller & have it cut off. The ring was causing a lack of circulation which can lead to extreme medical problems. I know us ladies love our jewellery but please take your rings off from time to time to let your fingers breathe & to make sure it comes off easily. A resize is easy & relatively cheap compared to medical bills!