Millennial men

The tide is turning on men’s jewellery. Social media has driven so many trends & there has been a swell in men’s jewellery. Gone are the tie clips & cufflinks. Men are now wearing multiple necklaces, bracelets & rings. Millennials are embracing individuality which leads to a softening of stereotypes. Leather, steel, wood all look […]

Women in League Round

This weekend celebrates the contribution that women have made to the NRL & JRL. Originally I think the idea came about as mums were in the background. Running the canteen, washing the jersey’s & driving the boys to training & the game. Thankfully the NRL & junior NRL have moved with the times & now […]


It seems coloured gemstones are making a comeback. Meghan Markle now wears the aquamarine presented to her by Harry, which was previously worn by his mother Princess Diana. Gemstones are very individual & come in a large variety of colour, shapes & sizes. They are timeless adored by the rich & famous. Today they are […]


There are so many misconceptions about working in a pawn shop & today I just want to let you know the quality of the people that are out there. I met a gentleman in the shop yesterday by the name of Matt Renata who is involved in a charity called Borderless Community Services. It started […]


These are the words that are uttered by the rich & the famous worldwide, from the 1800’s until today the Cartier brand is synonymous with sophistication & luxury. Cartier was created in 1847 by Louis Cartier but it wasn’t until his 3 grandsons took over the company, that the brand was established worldwide. Traveling to […]