Instant Gratification

Our public image seems to be of people desperate. Why do they sell things? The answer is simple – instant gratification! I want it now! Social Media & impatience is leading to it. Buy now, I need it. Then when the manufacturer releases the upgrade 9 months later, it is old technology & becomes our […]

Proud Australians

We are all proud people but at the moment one million Australians are estimated to be experiencing mortgage stress. Living expenses vs flat wages threaten family budgets. We can help you. Our experience could guide you to a solution. Could it be time to sell your unwanted items? Or is a short term loan needed. […]

Trends for Men

2018 saw some trends emerging for men. So often our men get over looked but I noticed 3 trends starting to occur. One of the them is rose gold wedding rings, a decrease in the average width of men’s wedding ring & an increase in signet rings. The man of today still loves his watch […]

Umbilical Cord Jewellery

This is not for everyone but when I hear of a new product I have to let my CIR family know about it. When we have our beautiful babies we like to keep a little lock of hair or their first tooth but what about the umbilical cord? Speckled Milk creates jewellery from the dried […]

New Year again?

Another year has gone by & wow what a year. Maybe it went your way maybe not but I am happy that the New Year brings hope to new things. New adventures, new loves, new beginnings all of it exciting to think about. So is it time to let things go, is it time to […]