New Year again?

Another year has gone by & wow what a year. Maybe it went your way maybe not but I am happy that the New Year brings hope to new things. New adventures, new loves, new beginnings all of it exciting to think about. So is it time to let things go, is it time to […]


The term ‘pawnshop’ tends to summons up an image of shady people dealing in stolen goods. This is so far from what we do. We are a family business lending against assets. More like a private bank, just like main stream banks we lend on assets however we specialise in small & short term loans […]

A link to your past

Restyling heirlooms with the benefit of a sentimental link to your past & being very cost effective for the now. Restyling your families jewellery is often a great way to go. The end product will reflect the love of now & the past.

The Future of Retail

Yes yes online is here to stay but so are brick & mortar stores. Online is convenient but you won’t get the item until at least the next day maybe more. How often can you call someone if there is a problem with your order or have a question about the item. There are a […]

Change is coming – New age diamonds.

Has social media given rise to the Lab grown diamonds – new age diamonds? Are we ready for a change in the landscape of diamond jewellery? At the moment there is a lot of debate on this subject especially since De Beers are jumping on the band wagon & have bought equipment to make these […]